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Fully reinforced
R & D Center
rResearch and development center
Advanced production equipment
Advanced production equipment
Strict quality control
Strict quality control
Since the development of the company, the company has experienced continuous accumulation of industry experience and gradually grown, sophisticated equipment, excellent construction team, to provide you with good after-sales guarantee
Design each product with the concept of exceeding user expectations
Modern CNC coating equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced coating technology
The company operates and manages strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure the stability of product quality and ultimately win customer satisfaction
Company strength
Advanced production equipment, excellent R & D team, to provide you with good
after-sales guarantee
Coating workshop
Split locomotive room
Coil cutting locomotive room
Make glue room
Quality control
The quality of the product determines the vitality of the product, and the quality management level of a company determines the competitiveness of the company in the market
Peel force tester
Measurement range: 0~5kgf/cm Applicable items: Adhesion test of adhesive products Executive standard: GB-2792-1998
Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine
XRF detector
Measuring range: Temperature +20℃~+85℃ Humidity 20~98%RH
Applicable items: high temperature aging test for all adhesive products
Execution standard: /
Measuring range: 13#~92# elements
Scope of application: Environmental testing for all products RoHS halogen
Executive standard: IE C62321/BS EN14582
Measurement range: 103Ω-1012Ω Applicable items: Surface resistance test execution standard for all materials: /
Heavy Hammer Surface Resistance Meter
Transmittance/Zero Tester
Dust particle tester
Measurement range: light transmittance 0~100%, haze 0~30.00% Applicable items: light transmittance and transmission haze of transparent and semi-transparent parallel plane samples. Execution standard: GB T2410-2008
Measurement range: Class 100 ~ Class 30 Applicable items: Sampling and level detection of dust particles in clean rooms Execution standard: ISO14644
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