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[Die-cutting] Complete solution of thermally conductive graphite heat sink!

Issuing time:2022-02-24 15:10

Thermally conductive graphite sheets are widely used in smartphones, ultra-thin PCs and LED TVs. Because of its unique grain orientation, the thermally conductive graphite sheet conducts heat evenly along two directions (X-Y axis and Z axis). The layered structure can be well adapted to the surface fluctuations of the device after processing. While uniformly conducting heat, it can also provide thermal isolation and shield heat sources and components, significantly improving the performance of electronic products. 01.jpg

What is thermally conductive graphite sheet?

Thermally conductive graphite sheet is a brand-new thermal and heat-dissipating material that conducts heat evenly in two directions, shielding heat sources and components while improving the performance of consumer electronics. With the upgrading of electronic products, accelerated, mini, high-integration and high-performance electronic devices are increasingly required for thermal management.

This new natural graphite solution features high heat dissipation efficiency, small footprint and light weight. The color is generally black, and the material is natural graphite after refined processing, and the thermal conductivity is as high as 1500W/M-K in the horizontal direction. Commonly used in   IC, CPU, MOS, LED, heat sink, LCD-TV, notebook computer, communication equipment, wireless switch, DVD, handheld equipment, etc.

Classification of thermally conductive graphite sheets

Graphite flakes are divided into natural graphite flakes and artificial graphite flakes!

Natural graphite heat dissipation film has high thermal conductivity, easy construction, flexibility, no gas and liquid permeability, graphite chips are not aging and embrittled, suitable for most chemical media, and the general thermal conductivity is 700~1200W/m.k. The disadvantage of natural graphite sheet is that it cannot be too thin. Generally, the thinnest finished product is 0.1MM thick. Therefore, the market share of natural graphite is getting lower and lower. At the same time, due to the structural factors of natural graphite itself, the heat dissipation effect of natural graphite is low. relatively weak.

Artificial graphite can be made very thin, and the heat dissipation effect is very good. On the road of increasing pursuit of quality in the mobile phone market, synthetic graphite sheets are also favored.

Graphite sheet heat dissipation principle

A typical thermal management system consists of an external cooling device, a radiator and a thermal section. Take smartphone products as an example:

1. The heat is quickly transferred to the casing and the frame through the plane of the thermally conductive graphite sheet;

2. The surface of the thermally conductive graphite sheet enhances the effect of infrared radiation;

3. The thermally conductive graphite sheet expands the plane heat dissipation area and quickly dissipates the heat spots.

Thermally conductive graphite has been widely used in many fields such as electronics, communications, lighting, aviation and national defense. Graphite thermally conductive materials offer the thermal management industry a unique solution with integrated high performance.

Scope of application of thermally conductive graphite sheet

Thermally conductive graphite materials bring new technical solutions to the increasingly wide-ranging industrial heat dissipation field through a series of different thermal management solutions. Thermally conductive graphite materials provide innovative new technologies for thermal management in the electronics industry. Thermally conductive graphite provides better thermal conductivity while reducing device weight, thermally conductive graphite cooling solutions are a new application in thermal design.

The thermally conductive graphite surface can be combined with other materials such as metal, plastic, and self-adhesive to meet more design functions and needs.

Low thermal resistance: thermal resistance is 40% lower than aluminum and 20% lower than copper ;

Light weight: 25% lighter than aluminum and 75% lighter than copper;

High thermal conductivity: The graphite heat sink can be smoothly attached to any flat and curved surface, and can be cut in any form according to customer needs.


Processing and Formation of Thermally Conductive Graphite Sheets

In order to better adapt to the undulating surface of electronic devices and circuit modules, the thermally conductive graphite sheet needs to be processed to a certain extent. The main processing methods are:

1. Self-adhesive: for the purpose of better adhesion to IC and circuit boards, back-adhesive processing is performed on the surface of the thermally conductive graphite sheet;

2. Back film: In some circuit designs that require insulation or heat insulation, in order to better achieve functional optimization, back film treatment is performed on the surface of the graphite sheet.

We can choose the appropriate processing method according to the actual needs of the product.

Application of thermally conductive graphite sheet in smart phones

The increasing CPU speed, memory capacity, operating system performance and ultra-thin fuselage used in smartphones have gradually increased the requirements for heat dissipation. At present, more and more smartphones sold in the domestic market use graphite sheets as thermal conductive materials, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi and so on.

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