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Product Detail
YDH﹣461CPP protective film
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YDH﹣461CPP protective film

Spec According to customer requirements Color white
Model YDH﹣461CPP

1. Features:

The product is a self-adhesive film produced by a high-speed casting machine and a three-layer co-extrusion method      

It has the characteristics of frosted, weak stickiness, no fogging, no residual glue ghosting, etc.

2. Application area:

Products are widely used in: optoelectronics, LCD screens, film   switches, LCD span>LED Backlight, cold light plate, reflector, diffuser and other product surfaces   Protect;Mainly used for positive protection of diffusion film

3. Product structure

WeChat screenshot_20200403143607.png

4. Product performance:

WeChat screenshot_20200403143657.png

Remarks: Adhesion Tested as   180°Peel test, paste PMMA < /span>Test the board as soon as it is pasted, and the peeling speed 300mm/min

5. Storage requirements:

Warranty Period: At 23±5°C, 60±10%< /span>RH stored in the humidity environment of RH after production 12 month Use the product inside, you can get the best user performance; For direct sunlight, high temperature (above 40℃), high temperature Wet (70%RH above), low temperature (0℃ below) and other conditions Do not save 12 Monthly Guarantee

Please avoid direct sunlight and store it properly at normal temperature and humidity.

6. Important note:

Do not stretch too much when pasting, to prevent the film from lifting from both ends after pasting.  

When the processing conditions are strict, please test in advance and use it after repeated verification < /span>

The data in this data sheet is the measured value of this product under certain conditions and is not a guaranteed value

This product may have different results from the data recorded in this product due to the different usage of the customer. Please verify it repeatedly before using it  

Yongdahui makes no warranties, express or implied, including warranties of special purpose, commerciality or applicability .  

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