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Product Detail
YDH﹣W0501TWA protective film
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YDH﹣W0501TWA protective film

Spec According to customer requirements Material PE
Color Transparent (white) Model YDH﹣W0501TWA

1. Features:

     The product is made of transparent polyester film (PEanilox film) as the base materialsingle-sided Coated acrylic adhesive composition

    It has excellent outgassing, weather resistance and mechanical properties and is dimensionally stable.

    haslow Adhesion is easy to tear off and no glue residue is left after tearing, with excellent initial adhesion

2. Application areas:

   The product is widely used in:Applicable In die-cutting and punching processing technology and other industries, material transfer, glass screen protection, etc.

3.Productsstructure span>


4.Product performance:

Detection items

Test parameters

Test method

Substrate with glueThickness (μm) span>


Manual test with micrometer or thickness micrometer

Length (M)

according to customer's request

Control the number of meters when the machine is rewinding

width (mm)

according to customer's request

ruler (steel) or tape measure


transparent (white)

Visual inspection

Substrate transmittance (%)



Haze (%)

<< span="">8


Heat Shrinkage (%)



Landscape/Longitudinal tensile strength (Mpa)



Temperature resistance (℃)


Take a 25mm wide and 150mm long sample, paste it on the surface of the glass panel, and put it into the oven for 60 ℃ bake1H, relative humidity 65%RH, no glue residue when removed< /span>



Take a 25mm wide and 300mm long sample, pull apart the release film of the sample, and stick it with the outer surface of 25um PET (non-corona surface), and the width of the sample strip is the same as that of the pasted PET, and there should be no excess edges or gaps. Use a 2kg roller to roll back and forth without pressure for 3 times. After standing for 20 minutes, the tensile tester clamps the 25um PET film. /span>180 degree peeling, take the average value of the test curve

5. Storage requirements:

   Warranty period: original packaging, from the date of shipment from Yongdahui6 months, store in the environment of 23±2℃, 55±5%RH humidity, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (40℃ above), high humidity (70%RH above), low temperature (0℃ Below) and other conditions for storage and placement.

6. Important note:

   The bonding strength depends on the amount of glue on the bonding surface. The stable pressure during operation can improve the contact performance and bonding strength of the adhesive. In order to obtain For optimum adhesion, the bonding surface must be clean, dry and even.

   The parameter values listed are the average values obtained by relying on our equipment, environment and testing methods, and are not the fundamental basis for customer judgment. In order to ensure the applicability of the product, customers are advised to test and judge according to their test methods. In the early stage of product introduction, our company recommends customers to apply relevant real stickers to ensure product applicability

   Yongdahui does not make any express or implied warranties, including any warranties of special purpose, commerciality or applicability.

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